An X-Ray (radiograph) is a special image that uses radiation to create images of bones and other internal tissues such as your lungs and bowel.

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X-Ray Equipment

What is an X-Ray?

An X-Ray (radiograph) is a special image that uses radiation to create images of bones and other internal tissues such as your lungs and bowel. Beyond Radiology has installed the latest digital radiography systems with integrated intelligence and dose efficient state of the art technology while providing high-quality X-Ray imaging. The X-Ray systems also offers stitched long leg and full spine imaging which can save 20% or more of patient time compared to traditional multi image acquisition X-Ray systems.

What preparation is required?

A basic X-Ray does not require any special preparation. 

What happens during your X-Ray?

Metal objects such as jewellery and coins, need to be removed prior to the scan as they can be detected on the X-Ray images and may affect image quality. 

You will be asked to stand or lie down in different positions that allow the best image of the body part of interest. You will be asked to remain as still as possible or hold your breath in order to improve the quality of the images. Any movement will appear blurry and may require the X-Ray to be repeated. 

There are no after effects from a general X-Ray.

How long will the X-Ray take?

An X-Ray will only take a few minutes for each body part. When the imaging is complete, it may be necessary for you to wait while the images are reviewed by the Radiologist, to see if any further images are required.

What is the dose of Radiation?

Having an X-Ray will expose your body to a very low level of radiation. The risk to your health from this is very small and the benefit of the X-Ray procedure is far more important than the small estimated risk. No radiation remains in your body after the test.

How much will it cost?

Our booking coordinators will advise you of all costs involved with your X-Ray prior to your scan. 

When will I get my results?

The images obtained from your X-Ray are recorded digitally and stored on our system.

The images will be available electronically to your referrer immediately after the X-Ray has been completed by the technologist.

The images from the scan will then be interpreted by a subspecialist Radiologist who will report the scan then send an authorised report electronically to your referrer.

What will happen if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please inform the booking coordinators at the time of booking your appointment. The need for the scan will be discussed with the Radiologist. 

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