Our Vision and Values

At Beyond Radiology, we strive to accelerate the journey to health and better outcomes for all. As such, we are driven to provide excellence in patient care by high quality, experienced staff alongside the most advanced machines in the industry. In alignment with Te Tiriti o Waitangi (specifically the principles of partnership, participation and protection), all patients are treated with dignity and respect.

Our Vision

  • To provide a high quality service and excellence in patient care
  • To deliver care via our state of the art, purpose built radiology facility
  • To create a radiology team of highly experienced, empathetic experts
  • To implement the latest, state of the art imaging technology and techniques, from X-Ray to a NZ first EOS machine, to the latest advanced CT, SPECT-CT and 3T MRI scanners, to Ultrasound and Intervention
  • To provide high quality imaging and high quality reporting
  • To create a welcoming, inclusive, calm environment in our practice


Dignity and Respect, Compassion, Collaboration, Trust, Innovation, Professionalism, Excellence

Dignity and Respect

All patients, staff and referrers are treated with dignity and respect, which aligns and is in accordance with the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, being those of partnership, participation and protection.


We acknowledge that every single person is important and has a voice, which in conjunction with our team at Beyond Radiology, have a collective role to play in delivering and achieving improved health outcomes.

Beyond Radiology respects individuality and ethnic diversity.

Beyond Radiology believes that all patients deserve and are entitled to equal access to healthcare.


We work collaboratively as part of a larger health team in both the primary and secondary health sector, to deliver the best health outcomes for our patients.


We build trust with our patients, our referrers and industry partners through our commitment to excellence in every endeavour.


We are passionate about innovation and set the bar high, by installing the latest advanced imaging equipment in order to provide our patients’ and referrers with high quality imaging to complement our exceptional service.


At Beyond Radiology, we have employed a high quality team of healthcare providers who have an uncompromising commitment to treat all patients and referrers with dignity and respect, in a professional, empathetic and compassionate manner.


We identify and embrace challenges and are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of radiology. Alongside our experienced staff and top-tier equipment, this is achieved through collaboration, teamwork and a “yes we can” attitude.