Our Equipment

At Beyond, we have installed the latest, state of the art, technically advanced imaging equipment from the Lumina 3T MRI scannerSOMATOM X.cite CT scannerINTEVO Bold SPECT-CT scanner with xSPECT Bone to the New Zealand first EOS Edge ultra-low dose 2D and 3D X-Ray imaging system in the upright position.

MAGNETOM Lumina 3T scanner


Beyond Radiology has installed a MAGNETOM Lumina 3T scanner, which is the latest, high end, state of the art 3T MRI scanner, having the largest opening into the scanner being 70cm, which helps reduce claustrophobia and the need for repeat sequences. The Lumina 3T MRI scanner incorporates the latest sequences, which can reduce scan times by up to 50%, has built-in AI technology which assists with patient workflow to reduce scan times, contains advanced technologies to reduce artefact from metalware and is quiet, which helps facilitate a better patient experience.



The SOMATOM X.cite, is the latest, high end, advanced CT scanner at Beyond Radiology, which has the largest available opening to a CT scanner on the market measuring 82cm, which helps reduce claustrophobia and the need for repeat scans. The CT scanner contains advanced software which allows images to have high spatial and contrast resolution, reduction in artefact from patient metalware and has built-in AI technology to assist patient workflow which helps reduce scan times. The CT scanner also has an advanced intervention package, can perform advanced cardiac imaging and has low dose paediatric protocols for paediatric imaging.

INTEVO Bold SPECT-CT scanner

Nuclear Medicine

Beyond Radiology has installed an INTEVO Bold SPECT-CT scanner, which is a specialised machine that combines a high-performance CT scanner with advanced SPECT imaging.

The SPECT-CT scanner can scan the entire body, can provide high resolution bone imaging called “xSPECT Bone”, contains advanced software which reduces metal artifact, optimises dose and high image quality using advanced software and has advanced 3D features, which overall results in greater image clarity.

EOS Edge machine

EOS Edge

Beyond Radiology is the first Radiology practice in New Zealand to install an EOS machine, which is the latest innovative, ultra-low dose X-Ray imaging system, where the patient is standing or sitting upright and simultaneously have 2-Dimensional frontal and lateral full body, high resolution images taken. An EOS scan allows the referring specialists to evaluate spinal as well as pelvic and lower limb alignment, with the patient in a weight-bearing position, by generating precise 2D and 3D measurements and 3D models of the spine, hip and knee. An EOS scan can be used to monitor spinal alignment before and after spinal surgery and can help with surgical planning.

Multix Impact X-Ray system


Beyond Radiology has installed a Ysio Max X-Ray system which is an advanced floor-mounted digital radiography system with integrated intelligence and dose efficient state of the art technology while providing high-quality X-Ray imaging. The Ysio Max X-Ray system also offers stitched long leg and full spine imaging which can save 20% or more of patient time compared to traditional multi image acquisition X-Ray systems.

ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound machine


Beyond Radiology have the latest ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound machines, which are a new system, powered by sophisticated technology that reduces the effects of ultrasound variability between patients, allows better penetration of the ultrasound wave into deeper structures and reduces artifact which allows better visualisation of anatomy and pathology.


Our team of Interventional Radiologists can perform interventional procedures under ultrasound, CT and fluoroscopic guidance, with an emphasis on Musculoskeletal interventional procedures.